Letter From CEO

Bob K Adhar BE, MBA, CISSP
President and CEO

Thank you for visiting the Randtronics website. We invite you to tour this site.

Randtronics is the trusted data privacy expert in protecting data assets on premises and in the cloud. At Randtronics, we know that doing business in the modern world is challenging. Organisations need to share information efficiently, need to reduce operational costs and at the same time safeguard critical data assets from both internal and external threats. Whilst cloud and outsource employee usage is the norm to minimise costs, it is at a significant increased data security risk.

So how do you protect your sensitive data from external hackers, internal employees and outsourced contractors? Randtronics developed Data Privacy Manager (DPM) offers a range of data security solutions with defence in depth options to meet customer needs, based on security levels and budgetary constraints. Solutions include selective cryptography, masking, encryption, tokenization, anonymization, logging and auditing, access control which once implemented, offers high data security assurance. Our privacy solutions will enable you to comply with local and global data compliance standards. I invite you to tour this site to uncover relevant benefits of our solutions for your business.

Randtronics' vision is to tailor our services to each customer, by offering an array of unique, flexible, and effective data security packages. In addition, our service support team can assist with implementation every step of the way, including requirements understanding, system design, project co-ordination, installation, effective utilisation and timely support.

Randtronics has established a reputation as providing compliant cryptographic and security solutions that meet the highest standards set by the industry, our partners, and our customers, including Government bodies with strict requirements.

We are now in a world of highly skilled, focused and dedicated data security hackers, motivated by an active trade in unauthorised access of data and identities. Information security is a serious concern for the Government and businesses, and in particular, their Directors and Management personnel. Compliance standards have been set and enforcement is taking place, with serious penalties in place for non-compliance.

Time is of the essence. Why not be pro-active?

I invite you to let Randtronics assess and assist your business responsibilities in this area.

Let Randtronics protect your business, and secure your future.

Yours sincerely,
Bob K Adhar, BE, MBA, CISSP
President and CEO

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