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In today’s world of public clouds, outsourced workers, data hackers, security breaches, and rogue employees, why take a risk with your data security? Protecting your most important asset is our priority. Our data protection solutions enable organisations to protect data residing in all levels of the company, in both software and hardware. We help businesses achieve data security Compliance using our data security solutions. Don’t take a risk with your business. Let Randtronics protect your business, and secure your future.

Our Products

DPM File is a software data security application that enables plug and play policy based encryption, application whitelist and access control of files, folders, applications, databases stored on laptops, desktops and servers. No user re-training, application code changes or business process changes are required to use our data protection solutions. Easy to use and deploy.

DPM Token Manager is a software data security application that reduce scope of compliance and business privacy risk by masking, encrypting, tokenising and anonymising data using a web service interface. Data protection via easy integration and privacy options at web, application and database using feature rich token options.

DPM Database is a software data security application that enables the masking of data stored in columns within databases. Integration with DPM Token Manager extends its features to tokenisation and anonymisation without any code changes. Data protection is now easy via plug and play deployment without any code changes.

DPM Key Manager provides a central place for key management with separation of duties, access control, policy based and storage in standard database. Data protection solutions are now easy to manage as all encryption keys are sourced from a central source. Allows generation of keys internally or via an HSM. Easy to deploy and use.

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