Randtronics DPM Database Manager

Randtronics DPM Database Manager is designed to protect column level data in database. The software is able to do this without having to make any application level code changes - it is totally transparent to database users and applications.

DPM Database Manager

DPM Database Manager are able to protect data on Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB for iSeries databases. The software can mask the data in protected column, or tokenize the data when integrating with DPM Token Manager.

Rules are designed to be extremely flexible, and it does not matter what level of access a user or application has - the software will even protect against database admins (DBAs) viewing sensitive data. All rules can be dynamically changed using the console, and applied immediately to the data.


DPM Database Manager has the following features and benefits:

  • Masking of column level data in a transparent manner - no application level code changes needed
  • Tokenization of column level data by integrating with DPM Token Manager
  • Dynamic rules around which users or applications can view data, and what sort of masking rules is applied
  • Full auditing of all console and engine operations
  • Single-sign-on, role based and fine-grained access control
  • Ease of Deployment and Use





What We Offer

Masking of column level data - Randtronics DPM Database

Tokenisation of column level data with no application code changes - Randtronics DPM Token Manager

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