SAP Security

Many large organisations store enormous amounts of data in their ERP SAP systems. That SAP data can often be accessed by employees, contractors, IT staff, outsourced workers, developers, privileged users and more. Randtronics solutions provide support for many large SAP systems where credit card numbers, bank account numbers, tax file numbers, social security numbers, other PII and HR data need to be highly secured and meet compliance.

Randtronics offers solutions in:

  1. SAP data encryption - encryption of data fields via conversion exits or plug and play full database encryption
  2. De-scoping of SAP systems from compliance scope through tokenisation
  3. Hosted PAN systems
  4. Payment Gateway systems integrated within SAP modules
  5. On-premises or cloud based or hybrid security products for SAP encryption

What We Offer

PII and PAN Data in SAP systems - Randtronics DPM Token Manager

Encryption, Masking, Tokenization of Web, App and Databases - Randtronics DPM Token Manager

Encryption of SAP databases - Randtronics DPM File

Encryption of SAP ERP Systems - Randtronics DPM File and Token Manager

Encryption of Oracle Financials - Randtronics DPM File and Token Manager

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