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In todays environment consisting of cloud, on premises and outsource workers, you need to provide security beyond legacy architecture to protect against both external and internal attacks. Too often, data is stored as 'clear text' clearly visible to potential attackers. Or, if data is encrypted, the cryptographic keys are also stored on the same servers (it’s like leaving the keys to your house in the mail box). Neither approach is very secure. It’s not surprising, then, that many businesses have been victims of cyber attacks where unprotected confidential information (credit card numbers, patient records, insurance data, etc.) has been stolen or compromised—even though the data was stored 'safely' within the corporate network. The costs of these attacks often include financial loss, productivity loss, and credibility loss that can be permanently damaging.

Randtronics offers a full suite of leading edge security products with a defense in depth approach to protecting your sensitive data. Layered offering include strong encryption, tokenization, static and dynamic masking, anonymization, fine grained access control, multi-factor authentication, logging and auditing. Please click on the solutions below to get a brief overview. 

Cloud Security


SAP Security

Scope Reduction for Compliance 

IBM i and z Series Security 

Defense Grade Security 

Data Anonymization 


Enterprise Data Privacy Architecture 


What We Offer

Encryption of Files and Folders - Randtronics DPM File

Encryption of Laptops and Desktops - Randtronics DPM File

Encryption of Databases - Randtronics DPM File

Encryption, Masking, Tokenization of Web, Application and Databases - Randtronics DPM Token Manager

Encryption of Metadata in Web, Application and Databases - Randtronics DPM Token Manager

Management of encryption keys - Randtronics DPM Key Manager

Straightforward integration with a HSM - Randtronics DPM Key Manager

Encryption of SAP ERP Systems - Randtronics DPM File and Token Manager

Encryption of Oracle Financials - Randtronics DPM File and Token Manager

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